Fact of Fake Sacrifices (Written in the context of Northeastern States of India)

The Northeast India Christians
“If his gift for a burnt offering is from the flock, from the sheep or goats, he shall bring a male without blemish... And the priest shall offer all of it and burn it on the altar; it is a burnt offering, a food offering with a pleasing aroma to the Lord. (Leviticus 1:10 &13)
Christians in the Northeastern States of India always regard the ministers of God and I personally agree to the well- honoured given towards the ministers of God. Paul says that the minister of God must be given double honour. However, there are some common misunderstandings or some gaps that have been a problem between the laypeople and the ministers of God. People always have the wrong intention of giving or dedicating their lives to God. As a result of this many are being sent/gone to Bible College without proper dedication to God’s service thinking that their lives will be automatically transformed in the Bible College. But actually, Bible College is for the dedicated people where dedicated servants of God are being trained for the ministry. We intend that we give the worst and expect the best from God which is contrary to the biblical way of giving.

 Fake Giving/Dedication

As we perceive from the Scriptures i.e. God always expected us to offer the best for Him.  And offerings that are of without blemish were sweet aroma unto God. It does not mean that we are to give which are much more than what we can afford. Whether small or big, significance or insignificance, it does not matter, it is all about giving the best. We often expect to harvest without sowing the seeds. Giving wealth is not only the exclusive term forgiving, giving also includes giving your time, strength, materials, etc. Offering our sons, daughters for the sake of God’s kingdom to serve God is a respectable thing. God wishes to see His children at work for the extension of His kingdom. But the more important thing is that - are we giving our sons, daughters, to God, the best ones from the family? We usually choose the worst ones from the family and send to the Bible College. People who are not good in studies, drunkards, womanizers, etc. are being given out for serving God but people who are excelling in their studies are being kept aside. So the question is- would God be happy seeing people coming to serve Him where dozens of Excellence people are being kept aside??? (I am not saying that worldly education is not important but about the motive of giving) How do we expect blessing from God where our attitude of giving is not up to date.

False Assumption

On the other hand, People often presume ministers of God must be as pious as Holy Spirit or holy angel not knowing ministers are ordinary human who passage from the comfort zone for the cause of God’s ministry. Many are being disappointed after seeing all bad testimonies from the ministers of God. Actually, everyone is vulnerable to sin or worldly pleasure. People contemplate that ministers of God must live unpretentious lives, so ministers of God are obliged to the lesser amount of money for their salary. But in return many expect ministers to work more than double the salary. They must live that’s why they are obliged to earn for their livelihood, their children and wives live miserable since the amount of salary that they are being paid is not affordable for the family needs. And people expect ministers (pastor, evangelists, etc.) to be as the full-time ministers but at home, the needs of the family are arousing day by day.

Fake Mission workers

Wait a minute, contrary to what I have stated; the lay people are also being fooled by the so-called ministers of God (fake mission workers this is not the exclusive term for the Bible theologically trained people but every mission workers). The ministry which God has given us is not something that we are to take lightly it should be Christ-centred ministry, not self –centred. But many people are not really dedicated to serve God but pretending to be pious men, since their motive behind is to earn fame, money, dignity. Some think that choosing to go to Bible school is the right option since they have failed everything in the secular world and their last option is Bible College. They will be given the title ‘Oja’ from the people, they will be regarded as the significant ones, holy people, yet they are the wolves among the sheep. People of God become like the lost sheep without shepherds because all those fake mission workers have spoiled the ministry of God. They not only deceive the people but God the creator and sustainer of our lives.

We are privileged people in whom we are allowed to serve living God. To work and live Christ has to do with having the attitude of Christ i.e. willing to sacrifice, give the best, humility, etc. but many times we fail to do. So here is my conclusion –
1.      1.  Our attitude of giving must change since our God is the living God who created everything, He deserves the best. Our attitude of giving the worst and expecting the best should be detached when it comes to giving. And parents should also realize that giving their stiff-necked sons and daughters is the wrong way of giving where the best ones are being kept aside for.
2.      2. Our false assumption must be changed about the ministers of God who are considered as holy as Angels. They are just human as you are and must be supported and encouraged them through words and deeds.
3.      3. And lastly not the least many so-called ministers of God act as the true servants of God but actually, they are wolves. We must be careful when we deal with all the ministers of God. Their testimonies are very important and must be observed carefully.  God bless! Amen.