The Obtainable Peace: How is that possible? (Written in the context of Manipur)

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It is not an exaggeration to say that the current situation of Manipur is intense. In fact, it has been a long time we have not tasted peace and joy, or for many Manipuris (including every community), we do not know what exactly the peace is since we have never tasted. All that we have been seeing throughout the year is bandh, blockade, strikes, communal riots, etc. Peace has been divorced from the Land (Manipur)! But it is not impossible to Obtain real peace. English Dictionary defines “Peace” as a state of harmony, tranquillity or the absence of hostility, the absence of mental stress or anxiety. In the Bible, the Hebrew word for Peace is “Shalom” which means completeness, soundness, welfare, and peace. And the Greek word for peace is “Eirene” which means the inner tranquillity and poise of the Christian whose trust is in God through Christ. Interestingly in New Testament obtaining peace is related to trusting Christ as his or her Savior.
The world needs Peace! There is no peace within and without! There are problems such as communal riot, racism, corruption, social turmoil, the problem in the family and as a result of these, there is no peace in our hearts. In every nook and corner of this world, people are hunger for peace. However, they have been in quest of peace in the wrong ways or means. People think that with education, urbanization, industrialization, and development, there will be peace and harmony within society. All efforts were given to gain peace and yet there is still the vacuum that is never being filled.  
Are you also one of the persons who have been in quest of peace? In fact, everyone needs peace and there is one solution! Why do I say that everyone needs peace? Two thousand years ago in the land of Israel, a Rabbi taught that there is obtainable peace which He can give to everyone -the peace which cannot be taken away by anyone. 

Bad News!!! 

Although peace is made available for all, it is not cheap! 2000 years ago one man called Paul wrote in the Bible that the human mind is corrupted because of sin. The love for fellow humans was lost, and we set our minds on earth rather than setting our minds on above; there is no peace with God, family, and society. The Bible is very clear in saying that the sins of humankind separate one from God.
We are desperately in need of peace and deep down in our hearts, there is a vacuum which is never being filled! Moreover, a Rabbi whose name is Jesus taught that when we are not giving our time for God, we lose peace, because we fail to give first priority to God. If we are selfish and think only for our betterment, have so much of communal feelings and never think for others’ lives, then there will be no peace, because our objective has been set according to the pattern of our selfish motive. 

Good News!!! 

When the people of this world are looking for peace in society, family, personal life, by using the wrong means, Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace came in this sinful world to offer the peace which humankind needed the most. At that moment when the Prince of Peace was born the heavenly host sang, “let the earth enjoy peace for the Prince of Peace was born in this world to offer peace to humankind.” Wait a minute! When Jesus Christ was born the angels did not sing, “Let the earth be filled with hatred,” rather they sang “Let the earth enjoy peace.” Is not that good news? And this was affirmed when Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace declared himself that He will give Peace to those who believe in Him (John14:27). The Bible says that whoever put their trust in Him will have peace because His mission is to bring peace on earth.
Jesus gives peace to those who believe in Him
Just knowing that Jesus alone can offer real peace in our personal life, family, churches, society, does not mean that we have achieved peace. We need to trust in Him and walk with Him. The Bible says that there shall be peace when we believe in Him and walk with Him.

By believing Jesus Christ, we have peace with God

The Bible is telling that since we have been saved through faith we have peace with God. Peace has been made by God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by sacrificing Himself on the cross. The reason we need to be saved is that we are sinners by birth- because of one man, sin entered into the world, so we need to be forgiven of our sins. And because of one man, Jesus Christ, every sinner can find forgiveness. And more importantly, without peace with God, no real peace is possible.
By believing Jesus Christ, we acquire peace within
Bible says that in John 14:27, the peace that the Prince of peace will give to whoever believes in Him is not temporary but eternal. No circumstances will take away because this peace because it is not from this world but comes from above. We are not able to obtain peace because of sin in her hearts. But the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and sacrificed himself for our sins, has broken the barrier that hinders access to the real peace within.  To acquire that real peace, a person should put his trust in Jesus Christ alone, only then will there be peace within.

By believing Jesus Christ, we have peace with Mankind

Jews and Gentiles were in a hostile relationship but it was Christ, the Prince of Peace who broke the barrier and has brought peace between the two groups. Why are there so many communal feelings? Why are there lots of problems regarding Racism in every place in this world? The problems like the white people discriminating against the black people; the higher caste mistreating the lower caste; the barriers between the rich and poor; and higher and lower caste. These are the signs of not putting our trust in Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace. There is no Greek and Jews, no slave and master, no rich and poor, no high caste and lower caste, but all are one in Christ.  The Bible says that Jesus breaks down the barriers between mankind (Gal.3:28). Therefore there is no differentiation of man and woman, rich and poor, or Jews or Gentiles in the body of Christ. Are you still having a problem accepting other tribe, caste, race, etc., as your brothers and sisters? Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace is the solution to this.

By Believing Jesus Christ, we can have peace with our enemies

The world will teach us how to win over our enemies by following different methods. We are also being taught how to compete and be more successful than anyone else. All such things will ignite more enmity, and sometimes we totally lost our happiness and enjoyment. But Jesus shows us how to have peace with our enemies; He told us to love our enemies and refrain from taking revenge. Only when we trust Jesus can we really be like Him who said on the cross “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do.” By trusting Christ, the Prince of Peace, we can even acquire peace with enemies. Is not that good news?
Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior?
Are you among many who have gained everything yet deep down inside still longing for peace?
This is the right day for you to obtain that real peace by trusting Jesus Christ as your saviour.