I Once Was Lost But Now I'm Found

My Background

My name is GT. I am from Manipur, India and I have completed my M.Th(Pastoral Theology) from Evangelical Theological Seminary, Asian Christian Academy.  

I was born and brought up in a nominal Christian family. During my childhood days, my family's condition was not that good financially. Every human being on earth has dreams. Some dream to be powerful people, some dream to be richer, successful in their professional lines. And yes! I too had a dream, a dream to become a doctor in future. But I could not proceed further of what I used to dream due to my family issues. Even though I was totally a loser I did not disappoint in my belief in God. I've always believed that someday God will lift me up high. Even though I put in God, my life and my family become more miserable economically. My parents could not support my studies any longer, on the other hand, my dad was totally responsible less husband-father. All these problems and burdens made my childhood memory. 

 One fine day, I approached my parents that they would allow me to become a footballer (I had a passion for football and I still have that passion). But my request to them was rejected and that time I was studying in class ix (9). My hope was shattered down completely. No proper education, my dream was ruin completely, I thought there is no option left for me apart from 4-grade work. I was a loser! 

 I Was A Good boy To My Parents

Despite the problems, I was a good and obedience boy to my parents. I attended church regularly. Sunday school, youth meetings, Festival or in any kind of church activities I will be there involving actively. I thought that I was actually saved by attending church services, Sunday school, youth meetings and obeying parents. Of course, I knew that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again for my sin but that message had never touched my heart due to my hardening heart and being focus on the good works. 

A Loser Before The Savior 

I was thinking that I was saved but actually not! One day an American Preacher came to my college where I studied my B.Th. That preacher's name was James Starr. He preached a thundering sermon and just before he finished his sermon he said, "If you do not know the date, time and day of your spiritual birthday then you are not actually saved." That words struck my heart and suddenly I started to think about how I was saved, when, where I was saved but I could not because I was not saved. I tried to escape and neglect this but I could not resist because it was Holy Spirit that continually whispered and convicted me that I am a loser and I need a Savior. Finally, I knelt down and surrendered to the Lord on the 10th of February 2010. That very day I prayed a sinner prayer and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. 

My Life For My Savior

Despite all the sufferings and problems, His wonderful love and grace have been abiding me. By His Grace alone I have completed my B.Th and M.Th without any financial problems. The Lord God provided everything I need. I never went to other people and asked for financial help but all that I did was I just knelt down and asked God to help me. Yes, He really meets my needs till today. 

At present, I am serving our Living God through Bible Translation and Scripture Engagement as Facilitator in Assam among the Hakhun community. And I do have a plan for my further studies too. If you are reading this ...please pray for my Ministry and for my further studies plan. God Bless you.